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My Two Hours with Malcolm Burn on “The Long Way Around” on Radio Kingston, March 6, 2022

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Malcolm Burn’s recent invitation to be a guest on his superb two-hour show, "The Long Way Around," on Radio Kingston has been a highlight of the first part of my year. I started listening to Malcolm’s show on Sunday nights, first because it follows "First Voices Radio," the show I produce for Tiokasin Ghosthorse, and second, because I was immediately drawn to Malcolm's format of talk and music — it was a great way to end my week. "The Long Way Around" quickly became my favorite radio program.

About Malcolm’s weekly two-hour show, “The Long Way Around”: Come along for a musical journey through the ears and eyes of Grammy Award-winning record producer Malcolm Burn every Sunday from 8 to 10 PM on “The Long Way Around.”

About Malcolm, who is an extremely accomplished musician and record producer:

Malcolm Burn was born and raised in Deep River Ontario Canada. His musical roots follow folk and classical music up through Rock, Country and Experimental music. Although classically trained as a young man, Malcolm first made his musical mark forming the group Boys Brigade in Toronto Canada in the 80s. Boys Brigade went on to record and tour, scoring a top 20 hit in Canada with the song “Melody.”

Following Boys Brigade, Malcolm connected with Daniel Lanois and was deeply involved in the recording and production of such notable albums as “Yellow Moon” with the Neville Brothers, “Oh Mercy” for Bob Dylan, and “Wrecking Ball” with Emmylou Harris.

Stretching out on his own into the 90s, Malcolm produced the landmark album “Living With The Law” by Chris Whitely as well as “American Caesar” for Iggy Pop and “Human Wheels” with John Mellencamp.

Malcolm now lives and works mostly out his own studio in Kingston, NY where he has gone on to produce records for Emmylou Harris, Sandrine and Ensign Broderick.

See why I was so intimidated when Malcolm invited me to join him on his show? What would I possibly have to talk about with this incredibly talented, successful and well known individual? A lot, as it turned out...! The evening was made even more special by the "appearance" of Tiokasin for the first half-hour or so. I was able to tell the rather magical story of how I came to be Tiokasin's producer in the summer of 2012.

Because Malcolm’s show is a mix of music and talk, here’s the link to the playlist that I compiled for him: It took a lot of thought because I wanted the progression of songs to tell a story, of sorts.

So here goes... my two hours with someone that I’ve come to deeply admire and respect.

And if you don’t want to listen to two hours of me then I would encourage you to check out Malcolm on Sunday nights. He’s witty, has impeccable musical taste (a given, considering his background and impressive career…), is incredibly learned (brilliant!), and has a great sense of humor, too. Maybe "The Long Way Around" will become your favorite radio show, too.

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