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Andre Vltchek's groundbreaking documentary film "Rwanda Gambit" now available on Vimeo

Rwanda Gambit is a ground-breaking feature-length documentary film, written and directed by ANDRE VLTCHEK (1963-2020), one of the world’s most prolific documentary filmmaker, author and philosopher. It is now available on Vimeo.

Rwanda Gambit challenges the official Western narrative on Rwanda and the genocide that occurred there. Is Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame really a savior of the nation, or one of the perpetuators who was at least partially responsible for the 1994 bloodbath?

Kagame’s armed forces — RPF — were, before 1994, supported by the United States and by its close ally Uganda. Was RPF responsible for the 1994 downing of the plane carrying the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi?

All the passengers on board died — the event that triggered the genocide. Why did the international community derail the investigation?

What came after the genocide? Rwanda and Uganda invaded DR Congo, overthrew governments, and engaged in the plundering of natural resources on behalf of Western companies and governments.

"The plunder still continues, as well as mass slaughter that could easily be defined as the worst genocide since WWII," notes Vltchek. "Between 6 and 10 million Congolese people have died over the past two decades."

Rwanda Gambit was filmed over more than three years in the territories of Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, DR Congo, Kenya, South Africa as well as the United States, Europe and Japan. It contains exclusive footage and dozens of key interviews with victims and perpetrators as well as members of international tribunals, diplomats, UN employees, Kagame’s close circle of friends, investigative journalists and other key figures in this complex and ongoing tragedy, including an Australian soldier who witnessed mass killing by Kagame’s troops right after the genocide.

“My film is not only about Rwanda,” notes Vltchek. “Rather, it is about the worst genocide in human history — DR Congo — and shows how Western imperialism works. Between 6 and 10 million people have died and no one in the West knows about this.”

Genre: Documentary; Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes; Availability: Worldwide

For more information about the film, visit For information about Andre Vltchek’s other films and books, visit

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