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Resilience Radio on KVMR 89.3 FM, Nevada City, CA Features Eagle & Hawk Frontman Vince Fontaine

Earlier this year, Host and Producer Miss Jiff (Jennifer Robin) of Resilience Radio on KVMR 89.3 FM in Nevada City, CA interviewed legendary artist Vince Fontaine. Vince is the founder and lead guitarist of the longstanding, award-winning Indigenous roots-rock band Eagle & Hawk from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Miss Jiff talked with Vince for nearly an hour. They talked about the history of the band, Vince's illustrious personal and artistic history and much more. In March, Miss Jiff started a YouTube channel for her radio show. Her interview with Vince, which was conducted via Zoom, has been very popular with viewers. Huge thanks to Jen for showcasing Vince!

From Vince's Extensive Bio:

For more than 25 years, Vince Fontaine has been at the forefront of Indigenous music making in Canada. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the multifaceted, award-winning and visionary Fontaine literally has done it all. He is a guitarist, songwriter, music builder/producer, festival curator/organizer/artistic director, film director and entertainment business owner. He also is one of Canada’s most highly celebrated Indigenous composers.

Among his most significant and well-known ventures, Fontaine is the founder and lead guitarist of the legendary, award-winning roots-rock band Eagle & Hawk, one of the longest-running success stories in Canadian music history. The band, which has released nine studio albums since 1997, is known for its innovative fusion of Indigenous themes and sound that has become the foundation of Fontaine’s signature artistic direction. The band’s notable appearances include two performances at the famed New Orleans Jazz Fest (2011, 2015), Summerfest, folk festivals across North America, and many televised performances in North America and Europe.

As a solo artist, Fontaine released “Songs for Turtle Island” in 2011. The album explored Indigenous themes and instrumentation. Among his many honours over the years, Fontaine received an award for Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year at the 2012 Canadian Folk Music Awards. In 2016, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Indian Summer Music Festival. He was inducted into the Manitoba Music Hall of Fame in 2017.

In 2020, Fontaine wrote and co-directed “Eagle & Hawk Take the Stage,” a documentary produced in association with CBC that chronicled his life and his prolific music career. The documentary, which aired on national television, shared Fontaine’s music and his commitment to cultural bridge building through his art, while showcasing Eagle & Hawk’s rise to fame and enthusiastic, widespread international renown.

“My purpose is to lift up Indigenous people of North America and show the beauty, existence, splendor and mystique of our culture. I want to be a musical beacon and cultural ambassador. My artistic vision is to bring cultural voice and excellence to the live stage.” — Vince Fontaine

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